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bushfire performance solutions pty ltd

Our company brings a wealth of experience and expertise to bushfire consulting services.

Our experience covers all aspects of the bushfire/development relationship; from an in-depth understanding of the legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines to practically applying the latest available scientific research into bushfire and materials behaviour .

Our practitioners have extensive field experience assessing the bushfire potential of native bushland areas and applying the provisions of the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) guidelines to the design and construction of development in NSW. We also have experience providing expert advice to the Land and Environment Courts.

Our company is a corporate member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA) with Bushfire Protection and Design (BPAD) "Level 3" certified practitioners and is governed by the Associations code of conduct.

Terence O'Toole is the principal consultant and director with 8 years experience with the NSW Rural Fire Service as the Senior Planning Officer and Development Control officer.


• Undergraduate degree in Applied Science (Environmental Health)

• Postgraduate diploma in Design for Bushfire Prone Areas

• Postgraduate Masters in Applied Science (Environmental Science - incomplete)

• Reviewed the bushfire impacts of over 1500 development proposals

• Represented the NSW Rural Fire Service in the Land and Environment Court

• Co-authored NSW Rural Fire Service development guideline Planning for Bushfire Protection 2001

• Member of the Committee for the review of Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006

• Member of the AFAC Committee for Bushfire Sprayer Systems

• Member of the Committee for the development of Bushfire Prone Land Mapping Guidelines

• Contributed to forming most of the NSW Rural Fire Service policies relating to development control

• Conducted numerous training and information bushfire development control seminars for the industry, local government and public

• Produced bushfire risk management plans for local government

• Produced bushfire prone land maps for local government

About Us